Which area of Dubai has the happiest residents?

Dubai Happiness

ServiceMarket.com do some interesting research in Dubai, and one of their recent surveys has uncovered which parts of our emirate have the most cause to smile.

The UAE has not hidden its mission to become the happiest nation on earth, both in word and deed, famously appointing a happiness minister in 2016. But measuring happiness can be a complicated task, as it depends on a number of interconnected factors.

ServiceMarket.com took on this Herculean task surveying 2000 residents across Dubai, with respondents rating 19 attributes of their immediate neighborhood, creating a picture of contentment levels within the different areas.

We know what you’re thinking, Happiness Street really should have a head start right?

Happiest Residents in Dubai

The happiest areas

table 1

Scoring 4.16 out of a maximum of 5, Emirates Living (Springs, Meadows, Lakes, Greens, The Views, and Hills) hit the top of the smiley chops pops as the highest rated area in Dubai. This is courtesy of its abundance of verdant space and quality amenities. Residents also report a strong sense of community. It was closely followed by JLT/Jumeirah Park/Jumeirah Heights with a strong rating of 4, which racked up big points for the quality of the apartments and access to restaurants.

Silicon Oasis, the third highest rated area, has new and spacious rooms with relatively low rents, offering excellent value for money. It’s also a big business hub, so another reason could be that a lot of residents enjoy living near their workplace. The highly rated areas also tend to have easy access to public transportation, restaurants and supermarkets.


The not so happy areas

table 2

Somewhere always has to have the lowest score right? International City was the lowest rated area in Dubai this year, and so, on positive side, has the most opportunity for improvement. The sector rated poorly in terms of the amount of traffic, proximity to schools, and facilities,  Satwa also under-performed due to lack of greenery, low-rated facilities and, of course, traffic congestion. Deira/Al Mamzar was the third lowest rated area falling down in areas like proximity to schools, facilities and access to green spaces. These areas were also likely to have older and less popular apartments.

Let us know how you feel about these findings in the Facebook comments section. Do you agree? Is happiness more about what’s on the inside? Or are we all the product of our environment – comment is free and constructive discussion is always welcome.

The 19 attributes analysed in the questionnaire were:

  1. The quality of the finishing in their home
  2. The layout and size of their home
  3. The availability of parking spaces
  4. The amount of green areas
  5. Value for money
  6. Sense of community
  7. The walking possibilities
  8. The availability of public transportation
  9. The proximity to shops
  10. The proximity to restaurants
  11. The activity and entertainment options nearby
  12. The quality of the facilities (swimming pool, gym, etc.)
  13. The proximity to schools/kindergartens
  14. The amount of traffic
  15. Noise levels
  16. Pet-friendliness
  17. Child-friendliness
  18. Feeling of safety
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