Solar powered service station opens in Discovery Gardens

Discovery Garden ENOC

Discovery Garden dwellers should be delighted with this announcement.

A new solar-powered ENOC service station is now open in the Jebel Ali neighbourhood affectionately known as Disco Gardens. The six-pump station in Street 7 is ENOC’s third solar-powered filling spot. Open 24 hours a day, it’s kitted out with photovoltaic panels that could supply up to 30 per cent of its energy.

It’s not just cars that can fill up there – the new 75,004 square foot station will have branches of Zoom supermarket, fast food chain Popeye’s and and an ATM. There’s also a Tasjeel Centre for vehicle testing and registration, Autopro vehicle servicing, a car wash and charging stations for electric vehicles.

If you are topping up (remember fuel has just gone up in price) retractable hoses mean refuelling can be done from both sides of the pumps, so don’t wait in line until ‘your’ side is free.

Queuing for fuel is an ongoing headache for busy drivers and so ENOC plans on building 54 more filling stations by 2020 and promises “all future ENOC service stations will be powered by solar energy.” Well, we certainly have plenty of sunshine to go round.

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