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Washmen team up with Omo to make a good deed, a good deal easier


For those looking to pay it forward this Ramadan, Omo and Washmen have just made it SO much easier for you.

Leading detergent brand Omo is now in the 9th year of the ‘Share a touch of love’ Ramadan campaign, featured as one of our great causes to get behind. But this year, the laundry collection service Washmen is helping take it to the next level.

The initiative collects clothes, cleans them, repackages them and then distributes them to those in the most desperate need. An admirable cause to champion, we’ll sure you’ll agree.

Omo has ensured that there was a wide spread of collection points at malls and stores. However it’s not always easy to get out and about with a busy Dubai lifestyle, particularly during Ramadan. So, in line with much of what the emirate does in trying to make life simpler for its residents, Washmen steps in to make things even more convenient.

How it works

If you don’t know already. We mean, you really should, but just in case you don’t – buckle up, you’re about to win some hours back in your day.

The Washmen ap is a handy way to organise collection and cleaning of your dirty laundry. You set a time, fill the bag provided and then it’s returned to you washed and pressed within 48 hours.

As part of the partnership with Omo, Washmen will now collect bags of unwanted clothes that can be cleaned, processed and given to those less fortunate than ourselves. Just mark the recycling bag with a piece of paper stating ‘donations,’ and Washmen will do the rest. So you can, sit back and flex your do-gooding credentials without even having to leave the front door.




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