Interview: Klaus the football result predicting goldfish

Klaus the Goldfish

Toro + KO, tapas restaurant at The Square, City Walk have signed themselves a bonafide football legend, you just might not have heard of him before.

Some football stars need no introduction. Klaus is not one of those people, so allow us to explain.

Remember Paul the clairvoyant octopus from the last World Cup? Paul was credited with an incredible prediction success rate (12 out 14 matches) at calling the outcome of football matches in the event, BEFORE the match had started. This included the eventual winner of the final, Germany. Paul demonstrated his selections by eating from boxes of food relating to a particular team.

Klaus is 2018’s own version of the sub-aquatic seer, using pescatory prescience to predict the outcome of World Cup matches (but only 48 hours in advance of the games taking place). Klaus is able to communicate through a complicated series of blinks and bubbles and requires an interpreter to make his proclamations known.

With the 2018 Fifa World Cup  almost within touching distance (14th June), Toro + KO very kindly gave us an opportunity for an exclusive early interview with Klaus. And we put the burning questions, all football fans want to know, directly to the scaly soothsayer.


Dubai Week: Will Liverpool and Egyptian footballer Mo Salah be fit for the World Cup?

Klaus: Although my dorsal fin injury ended my own football career, I was still able to become one of the best DJs in Magaluf, and I know Mo shares this same determination to succeed when times get tough! I have personally offered Mo my expertise and support, and I believe with my help, we will see Mo ‘The Egyptian King’ at the 2018 World Cup.

Dubai Week: [Jaw dropping to the floor] Of course, so you’re DJ Klaus of resident deck spinner at BCM Planet Dance fame? 

Klaus: Yep, that was me.

Dubai Week: Will England exit the tournament after a sudden death penalty disaster?

Klaus: England manager and my close family friend Gareth Southgate’s (I spent a few years as a domestic goldfish with the Southgate family) Euro ‘96 penalty miss is still seared in the minds of England fans. If I know Gareth (and I do very well), he will getting his team to do a lot of practice to make sure England don’t find themselves belly up before the quarters.

Dubai Week: Will ‘fetch’ ever happen? (little Mean Girls interest for the non footie fans)

Klaus: I am afraid not and Gretchen Wieners, if you are reading this, please stop trying to make fetch happen!

Dubai Week: Who will win in the opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia?

Klaus: My prediction powers only work approximately 48hours before a sporting event. So you will have to check out Toro + KO’s Instagram for my answer

Dubai Week: Typical influencer.. Ahem, Which teams will emerge from the group of death (group F) out of Germany, South Korea, Mexico and Sweden?

Klaus: I don’t need to challenge my mystic talents for this one, Germany will finish top and I have a good feeling in my waters about South Korea.

Dubai Week: Thanks for your time Klaus we will make sure we keep up to date with your predictions when the world cup starts on June 14th. Paul the Octopus had and 85 per cent success rate. No pressure. 

If you head down to Toro +KO over the world cup, not only well you be treated to excellent food and beverage options, you’ll also be able to see all the action unfold on the three big screens.

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