This is what happens when you’re caught throwing away karak

Adore your bargain one dirham cups of karak? Throw yours away and that sweet treats could end up costing you a lot more.

In a bid to keep the city clean and tidy, Dubai Municipality is reminding people that they could be hit with a hefty fine for throwing tea on the floor. Under an anti-littering order made by the authorities in 2003, there will be fines for anyone spotted flinging delicious sweet hot beverages, or any other type of litter for that matter.

In social media posts, the government agency reminded people of their civic duty.


karak tea fine AED 500 littering

Spitting chewing gum on to the ground could cause another sticky situation. As well as leaving a gross mess for unwitting passersby to step in, those responsible could also be fined AED 500. Smokers, discarding butts could also attract a financial penalty.


chewing gum AED 500 fine litter

Municipality inspectors will patrol the streets and hand out fines to any one caught littering.

Actually, any kind of littering or spitting in a public place could land you with a financial penalty, so whatever your rubbish, dispose of it properly.

The streets of Dubai are kept clean thanks to the Municipality’s army of sweepers and litter pickers but there’s no excuse for not doing your bit and disposing of your own rubbish properly.


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