Fuel prices are going up next month by this much…

fuel prices Dubai

It’s the news drivers wait for every month – here’s what we will pay for fuel in August.

The UAE’s fuel price committee has announced fuel prices for August. Yes, prices at the pumps have gone up slightly if you drive a petrol car. There’s some positivity for diesel drivers though.

Here’s what vehicle owners are going to pay at the pumps. Remember, all prices are in dirhams, per litre and include VAT.

Super 98 is up to AED 2.57 from AED 2.56 in July

Special 95 is AED 2.46, up from AED 2.45 in July

Diesel price in August will be AED 2.63 per litre, down from AED 2.66

Fuel prices in the UAE were de-regulated in 2015 and now track global oil prices. They’re announced every month by the fuel price committee, so check back here about the same time next month to find out fuel costs for September.

What’s the difference?

The number in the fuel types refers to the octane count. Luxury and sports cars may require higher octane fuel, while older cars can run on lower. Check your car’s manual for details.



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