The Burj Khalifa went half dark and here’s why


The Burj Khalifa stood half-illuminated as part of the #HeForShe Campaign, but what is it all about?

Organised by Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak Al Ketbi as part of the #HeForShe and #MorePowerfulTogether initiatives, on Tuesday evening (25th September), lights went out roughly halfway up the 162-storey skyscraper.

HeForShe: Stand Together is a global movement initiated by the United Nations that aims to refocus attention on the importance of gender equality, fight negative stereotyping and behaviour.

Standing in solidarity with a drive for empowerment of women and girls, the contrast in lighting symbolises what happens with you leave them out of the conversation and life becomes a story only half told.

The gesture is part of the #MorePowerfulTogether element of the campaign, which asks men to become agents of change on the journey towards equality.

Our beloved BK, tallest building in the world, as any resident will proudly recite, was not the only tower to show respect to the cause. The Empire State Building in New York City began the trend on Monday night, with the CN Tower in Toronto joining in with Dubai on Tuesday.

Another example of how this beautiful spire, inspires.

The event follows the tower being lit red for a Mid-Autumn Festival on Monday, and green for Saudi National Day at the beginning of the week. Keep your eyes locked on the skyline for the Burj Khalifa’s next big performance.

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