New Year’s Eve fireworks are back at the Burj Khalifa

Light Up 2018 Burj Khalifa

Fireworks are confirmed. We repeat, fireworks are confirmed to return as part of Dubai’s New Year’s Eve celebrations.

A snippet of information about plans for the countdown to 2019 is now public and the big news is that fireworks are coming back the Burj Khalifa. 


Permission granted recruit. They’re coming home.

Festivities last year saw a stunning light and laser display around the world’s tallest building. But Emaar has announced that this New Year’s Eve Gala in Downtown Dubai will feature the fireworks show that Dubai is known around the world for – along with “several amazing new elements.”

These include “scintillating water-music performances at The Dubai Fountain” that we can watch from “special viewing platforms…set up across Downtown Dubai.”

But we got thinking, what sort of wild celebrations would you like to see go down at the Downtown Dubai NYE bash? What really says, “See ya 2018?”  See below for our favourite ideas crowd-sourced from the Dubai Week office:

  • Hold the world’s largest group ‘flossing challenge’ attempt to the soundtrack of literally any Drake record
  • Make it rain profiteroles
  • Create the world’s longest Instagram Influencer repost chain, distracting them, at least momentarily from posting migraine-pose lift selfies with a moringa smoothie.
  • Create an exact replica of the Burj Khalifa on the moon, that, come the stroke of midnight will align perfectly with earth’s own BK – sending a jolt of lightning between the two, igniting a furious LED show, and the start of Fortnite Season 7.

What do you think guys? Any chance of a moon Khalifa?

If your plans are rather more earthbound, you’ll be able to catch events at the New Year’s Eve Gala in Downtown Dubai, unsurprisingly, the evening of the 31st December – until the wee small hours of the 1st January, 2019. Ooh, that number sounds scary.

The spectacle is broadcast around the world and home birds can also watch it from the comfort of their couch at



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