Now you can rent a scooter to ride to work

Qwikly Electric Scooters, electric scooters, transport Dubai

Although summer is over, we’ve not quite recovered from the sweaty slogs between office and Metro and back again. This new start-up company could make the last kilometre of our commute a breeze.

Qwikly ‘ride and drop’ electronic scooters are “sustainable micro-mobility transportation” that could change the way we move about Dubai. To rent a scooters, users scan and unlock them with a smartphone, hop on to travel short distances at speeds of up to 25 kilometres, then park up at the end of the ride.

The California firm launched its vision at Gitex Future Stars star-up conference in October and now scooters are on the streets, albeit around Downtown Dubai only so far.

They’re designed travel distances of one to three kilometres, focusing on first and last mile connectivity aka the hot sticky walk to and from public transport.

Dockless electronic scooters (which don’t need a fixed pick up or drop of location) are taking off around the world and Dubai’s version costs AED 3 to unlock and 50 fils per minute to ride. You’ll need to download the Qwikly app, then add your driving licence and credit card details.

UAE Country manager Ammr Shaladi says: “Urban micro-mobility has evolved to be a conscious choice today for people across the world. More citizens are taking up the responsibility to choose sustainability and make green living part of their daily routine…our scooters and technology will focus on making an affordable, easy to use and environment-friendly ecosystem for the daily commute, available to all.”

Download the Qwikly app at your phone’s app store and find out more here.

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