Now travellers to the UAE don’t need approval for all medicines

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Heads up if you’re travelling in and out of the UAE, or have family visiting. UAE health officials have clarified that you don’t need prior approval to carry all medicines.

In October, the Ministry of Health and Prevention said tourists and residents would need prior approval for all medication brought into the UAE. However, it has clarified that only narcotic-based, psychotropic and controlled medicines must be registered on the ministry’s website.

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A full list of controlled substances is available online here, so you can check if it affects you. For non-controlled medicines, you’ll still need a doctor’s prescription and cannot bring more than three months’ worth into the UAE.

To get permission, all you need to do is fill in a form online and attach a scan of a doctor’s prescription; a medical report that explains why you need the medication; and a copy of your Emirates ID or passport. Officials will check the request and issue an approval directly to you. Good news – the certificate is free of charge and issued in one working day.


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