Sheikh Mohammed’s eight steps for success

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid

Dubai’s Ruler has revealed his eight-point plan for the nation’s success.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, issued the eight principles to his 9.39 million Twitter followers. He also thanked the country for his 50 years of service, which started when he became head of the Dubai Police in 1968. On 4th January, 2006, he became the ruler of Dubai.

Here are our highlights – download them in full here.

The Union is the Foundation

“The Emirate’s destiny is entwined with the UAE’s destiny, its well-being is vital to the UAE.”

No One is Above the Law

“The law does not discriminate between citizens and residents, rich and poor, male and female, Muslims and non-Muslims.”

We are a Business Capital

“Dubai does not invest or involve itself in politics and does not rely on politics to ensure its competitiveness.”

Three Factors Drive Growth

“Dubai’s growth is driven by three factors: a credible, resilient and excellent government; an active, fair and open private sector; and public and government-owned flagship companies that compete globally and generate an income for the government, jobs for its citizens, and assets for future generations.”

Sheikh Mohammed

Our Society has a Unique Personality

“Our society is a respectful and coherent one, bound by tolerance and openness.”

We Believe in Economic Diversification

“Our new goal is to create at least a new economic sector every three years that will be productive, contribute to our GDP, and generate jobs.”

A Land for Talent

“Dubai has always relied on talented tradesmen, administrators, engineers, creatives, and dreamers for its success.”

We Care about Future Generations

“Our fundamental rule in this regard is that the government should, under all circumstances, own economic assets that are worth at least 20 times the value of its annual budget.”

Sheikh Mohammed added: “These are the eight principles for governing in Dubai that we recommend to ourselves and to those who will succeed us. We call on future generations to preserve these principles and hand them down to those who succeed them.”

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