Rate your RTA taxi driver with the new Kafou service


You’ll now be able to rate your taxi driver under the Roads and Transport Authority’s new Kafou scheme.

Kafou means ‘well done’ in Arabic and it’s hoped to further incentivise drivers to provide excellent service, making for smoother and safer rides. More than 25,000 cabbies can earn points through positive reviews on a ‘happiness index’ from riders and RTA inspectors.

A similar system exists within competitor services like Uber and Careem, and in taxi companies around the world. Where Dubai’s Kafou makes a big difference is those good ratings can translate into real-world material benefits for drivers. Yes indeed, it’s the transit-for-hire game show where points mean prizes – and conversely, occasionally those prizes can include wiping out black points and fines.

We haven’t been told how the rating system will work or whether customers will be able to vote for their top taxi driver, via one of the RTA smart apps (such as Dubai Drive, available on Apple and Google Play stores). Perhaps we’ll be asked to make subtle finger jabs on a static touchpad inside the vehicle, like those happiness meters you see in Metro and Tram stations.

If you’re down for avoiding human interaction altogether, you won’t have long to wait – driverless cabs run by the RTA will be a thing of the not too distant future.

Adel Shakri, director of planning and business development at the RTA’s Public Transport Agency, explains: “It rewards excellent-performing drivers and elevates the overall satisfaction rating with the taxi service in Dubai.”


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