Meet the ‘plastic’ bag that loves marine life

going free, no plastic, Avani

Virgin Megastore switches to biodegradable bags in an effort to “do business for good.”

Words by Ayush Narayanan

With Expo 2020 round the corner, many businesses in the UAE are implementing new ways to achieve the goals of this expo – mobility, sustainability, opportunity.

With sustainability in mind, Virgin Megastore has pledged to replace its plastic bags with biodegradable bags. Over the next few months, the entertainment chain hopes to reduce its environmental footprint with the help of AVANI’s Bio-Cassava bags.

The non-toxic alternative to plastic, which launched in the UAE in 2017, dissolves in water and is harmless to animals if consumed.

The red reusable bags will sport peppy one-liners like ‘This bag is a hero’ and ‘It’s only natural’ to help distinguish them from conventional plastic bags.

going free, no plastic, Avani

Vartivar Basmajian, head of franchise and brand at Virgin Megastore, says: “We are always striving to partake in activities where the focus is to help the planet; not to mention doing business for good.”

What’s behind the move? Eight million metric tonnes of plastic were found in the world’s oceans in 2015 alone, with a United Nations report predicting more damage to marine life and a reduction in water quality over the next 30 years.

If you’re looking for other ways to cut down the amount of plastic in your life, check out our suggestions here.

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