Hear Baby Shark hit The Du Du Du Du Dubai Fountain

Pink Fong’s viral YouTube sensation, Baby Shark has finned its way onto The Dubai Fountain set list and dayum right we’re gonna mako big fuss about it.

The original Baby Shark song has disputed origins but emerged from the tradition of campfire sing-a-long songs. It reached global acclaim back in 2015 when South Korean edutainment company, Pink Fong whipped it into an ear-worming, sugary sweet EDM-backed banger, accompanied by equally irresistible dance moves.

Turn your sound up to maximum and in the background and you can just about hear Baby Shark. Video captured by Sarah.

Pink Fong’s version of Baby Shark continued to make waves, as so often happens when the internet shines a spotlight on our guilty pleasures. Those perfect concoctions of ‘the sublimely ridiculous’ and the ‘infectiously repetitive.’ The video (below) has amassed over two and a half billion views on YouTube, and in 2018 it reached number six in the UK singles chart. An exceptional feat for a song where the word ‘doo’ accounts for 65 per cent of the lyrics (we did the maths). Millennials.

The song will be hammering its way into spectators heads at 8pm every night, potentially with earlier showings at the weekends.

It’s not the first Korean track at the fountains. K-Pop mega stars EXO had their hit ‘The Power’ playing out at the hydrophonic spectacular for an extended period last year.

If you’re hanging around the shallows you can also catch ‘I’ll Never love Again’ from the soundtrack to the movie A Star is Born. It’s an emotional one, especially if you’ve seen the Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper romantic drama – so get the tissue ready for a “I’M NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING’ moment or too.

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with this. Sorry, we realise it’s a mean thing to doo doo doo doo doo doo…



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