Ain Dubai AKA The Dubai Eye WILL be ready for Expo 2020

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Meraas has confirmed that the world’s tallest observation wheel, Ain Dubai, will be open and ready for Expo 2020 celebrations.

To the untrained eye, it was confusing to see the wheel’s large support struts being removed. However, those eight 450-tonne radial steel spokes were only temporary structures, in place whilst the permanent cables were being added. The wheel now stands without her training spokes, and what a beauty she is.

Ain Dubai, fondly dubbed with the unofficial moniker ‘The Dubai Eye,’ stands at a cloud-bothering height of 250 metres. It’s nearly 100 metres taller than the second biggest wheel (High Roller in Las Vegas, USA, 167m). To give you some frame of reference, London skyscraper, the Shard, is only 50m taller and that building is the tallest in the (current) European Union.

It’s also about the same height as 5,000 chicken nuggets placed on top of each other. Now you know.

The next phases will certainly include fixing the habitation pods to the structure – which is when it really will start edging closer to the completed look.

Ain Dubai will join what is a quickly maturing entertainment and residential area in Dubai. The five-star Caesar’s Palace resorts are open, with a beautiful range of food and beverage options, including Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen. Directly under the wheel’s arch you’ll find a super chic treat The London Project; there’s also Mexican munch at Puerto 99, authentic Syrian nom at Sah El Nom and delicate French yum at Un Dimanche A Paris.

Back to the wheel, who’s first in line for a ride?

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