Ramadan Fridges will return for 2019 and here are all your questions answered

Ramadan Fridges

Photo credit: Anne Mulcahy

Ramadan is the season of giving back and thinking of others. As it approaches, it’s good to know that the Sharing Fridges project returns for another year.

The community-run fridges make sure the workers of Dubai have access to food and water during the Holy Month. Schools, families, companies and residents all take part.

We can confirm that the map for this year’s fridge locations has been revealed and is live.

Free food fridges first popped up around the emirate in 2016 when Australian mum-of-two Sumayyah Sayed, from Perth, started the project with about 30 fridges.

In 2018, 170 fridges were set up by volunteers around Dubai, supported by a Facebook group that now has nearly 27,000 members. An estimated 200 people a day visited some of the busiest.

For the fourth annual outing, the community fridges are again under the patronage of Emirates Red Crescent and government’s Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department.

Ramadan Fridges

Fridge manager Anne Mulcahy (not pictured) tells us everything we need to know:

When do the Ramadan fridges open?

The charitable initiative officially begins on the first day of Ramadan (which will fall around 6th May) and ends after Eid.

How can I get involved?

Join the place where it all started – the Ramadan Sharing Fridges Facebook page. This will be updated with a map of all the fridges in Dubai and you’ll also meet fridge managers and volunteers who can answer any questions you have.

Each fridge is emptied and filled up to 15 times a day, so donations are always welcome!

Where can I find my nearest fridge?

Fridge managers are registering with the Red Crescent now and a complete list of fridges will be published on the Ramadan Fridge’s social media.

What can go in the fridge?

The most popular items are drinks (juices, soda, water, laban), fruit and vegetables. Dry food such as dates, biscuits, nuts and crisps are also welcome. Please, no leftovers or homecooked food. Nothing hot either, for health and safety reasons.

I want to set up a fridge – how do I do this?

Great! Get in touch – registration@ramadansharingfridges.org

The business I work for wants to donate to a fridge – how do I make this happen?

Any companies interested in supporting a fridge can contact Anna Macmillan on

Anne, who has been involved with the project since moving to Dubai five years ago, added: “What we want to do is encourage people to keep donating – add a little bit extra when you’re doing your shopping and support your local fridge.”

We can’t wait to get behind this good cause again!

Want to get involved? Follow www.facebook.com/uaefridges, where you’ll also find a list of frequently asked questions, including what fridges can and can’t be stocked with.

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