Vida Downtown to fight wastage at iftars this Ramadan

Iftars are an important element of Ramadan, helping to bring family and friends closer together. But large buffet style eating arrangements can often mean that food goes to waste.

3in1 at Vida Downtown has come up with a solution.

The food wastage at large iftar buffets sits in contrast to much of what the Holy Month is about. Living humbly; the spirit of giving; charitable contribution and a life free from extravagance are common themes that muslims like to reflect on during Ramadan.

When planning the format for their nightly iftars, Vida Downtown on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard actively sought to avoid this sort of excess. There is still a limited buffet for hot and cold appetisers and dessert. But the main platters are served fresh from the kitchens to your table according to demand.

You can reorder as many dishes as you want, but this order-led-supply practice should dramatically reduce wastage. Making for a more socially responsible and sustainable iftar season.

And we are on board with that.

AED 180 per person. Sunset until 10pm. 3in1 in Vida Downtown, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. 04 888 3444.

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