Dubai Municipality dunks on rumours about milk and cookies

Dubai Municipality, rumours, Oreo, milk

Oh no – the rumour mongers tried to come for our favourite snack.

Stories were swirling on social media that dairy producers were using underhand methods to get more out of their herds.

Luckily Dubai Municipality’s rumour-busting squad were quick to dampen down the claims.

In a statement released on social media, the government authority said: “Dubai Municipality denies rumours about injecting the cattle producing Al Marai, Nadec, and Al Safi milk; to increase the proportion of milk.

milk, rumours, Dubai Municipality, rumours about milk, is milk safe

“This rumour is not based on any scientific references or official statements from accredited governmental entities and the milk products are from KSA, which applies technical regulations and GSO standards. The Dubai Municipality and the regulatory bodies in UAE supervise all shipments of imported food and ensure their safety and validity for consumption.”

The speculation comes days after claims that Oreo cookies on sale in the Middle East contained alcohol and so were not halal. Dubai Municipality denied the rumour on social media, saying the confusion was down to a mistranslation of the ingredient ‘cocoa paste.’

In 2016, DM launched a truth-seeking WhatsApp service, so Dubai residents can send suspect messages, images or videos to 050 107 7799. You can also seek answers at

The Municipality has promised to respond to queries within eight hours and has 34 specialist departments it can call on in busting those urban myths.

Here are some of the biggest fibs it quashed in 2018, from plastic eggs to hot chips.

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