People need to stop using 999 for non-emergencies

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Almost three quarters of the calls made to the Dubai Police emergency number aren’t for urgent matters.

The force revealed the shocking statistic in a bid to educate people and stop them from misusing the service.

Last year 999 received a staggering 5,351,009 calls, while the non-urgent number, 901, took only 541,722.

Dubai Police launched the 901 service in October 2010 to take the pressure off the emergency line. But seems we still aren’t taking advantage of it, as more than 70 per cent of 999 calls didn’t warrant a blue light.

The force’s Major General Al Suwaidi emphasized the best use of 999 in emergency cases and 901 in non-emergency situations. He called on parents, schools and institutions to educate students and people.

“A second can make a difference between life and death in emergency situations,” he added, as police launch the ‘Don’t Keep their Lives on Hold’ initiative.

When should you call 901?

  • Services available include requesting a traffic report or a copy of police documents, requests for permits, support for domestic violence and reporting human trafficking.
  • The 901 call centre connects you with the right service from a choice of 32 in three easy steps, including selecting your preferred language.

If you’re out and about without a phone, there’s now a new way to get in touch with Dubai Police. If you ever find yourself in the need of assistance from Dubai’s finest, look round for the ‘SPS-Express.’ This technology looks like an open telephone booth with the Dubai Police logo and the words ‘EMERGENCY’ in big red letters.

The tower has audio and video talk facilities and a high-powered HD camera with night vision. It’s making its debut in Al Rigga, near the Metro Station, and you will soon find the ‘SPS-Express’ in airports, parks, souks, and other public areas.

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