Lonely heart no longer, as The Green Planet loris finds love in Dubai

Finding the perfect partner isn’t always easy, but the critically endangered Slow Loris has more at stake than potentially disappointing parents. Green Planet has played matchmaker for its own ‘Lonely Loris’ and found him a forever mate and we’re just 😍.

This is about the most wholesome piece of news you’ll probably get today, and it’s just the sort of warm fuzzy feels we need as we head into the Eid celebrations.

First off – a quick zoology lesson – slow lorises are a group of species found in several enclaves around Asia. They are nocturnal primates with absolutely dazzling, big, beautiful eyes, and sadly appear on the ICUN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List as ‘endangered.’

They have a toxic bite – which is probably what lead to their top google search being ‘can a slow loris bite, kill a human?’ Rest assured, unless you are allergic to it, it’s a no. And they’re slow, like really really slow – hence ‘slow loris.’

Earlier this year ‘Lonely Loris’ was found abandoned on the streets of Dubai after being illegally smuggled into the country. The Green Planet, a stunning indoor rain forest in Dubai’s City Walk, took him in and gave him a new home. The cuddly fur baby has been melting the hearts of visiting humans ever since. Sadly, Lonely Loris, was the only nycticebus in the village – so the prospect of love looked like a long shot.

The Green Planet had desperately been playing Cupid, searching zoo databases and breeding programs to little success. But fortunately, the story has a happy, if a little bitter sweet, ending.

Another slow loris, named Amal or ‘hope’ was found abandoned in the UAE and rehoused in The Green Planet. They either had a lot in common or the biodome’s operators were piping Barry White into the building because they both swiped right. Yes, the two found love in a habitat specifically to designed to accommodate the pair. Which is fantastic, but would have a made a terrible Rihanna and Calvin Harris song.

It’s like Romeo and Juliette without the tear-jerking end, but there is still tragedy in this tale. The illegal importing of rare and exotic species can be extremely stressful for animals. And even in cases where they’re not abandoned, removing them from their natural environment can often lead to suffering and premature death.

If you want a chance to see the amorous pair up close in person, head on down to The Green Planet in City Walk. Ticket prices start at AED 99 online at www.thegreenplanetdubai.com. 10am-7pm.

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