The RTA has now finished moving Dubai Metro’s women’s carriages

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*Metro announcer voice* The train arriving on either platform will by now, have had it’s Women and Children’s carriage swapped over. 

The process started back in June but the Roads and Transport Agency (RTA) has now confirmed that all the women-only cabins have shifted from their previous spot, next to the gold ticket section, to the other end of the train.

A social media campaign and posters on platforms and screen doors were used to alert commuters to the change.

Reminder, men found lurking in the lady carriage will be fined AED 100. Large pink signs on the platform and inside the train clearly mark out the area, so you don’t end up there accidentally.

Mohammed Yousef Al Mudharreb, director of Rail Operation at RTA’s Rail Agency, said: “the RTA calls on women and children to use the relocated cabins for added privacy in line with the norms and traditions of the community”

Back in November 2018, the RTA announced that a coach-load of new trains were arriving for its metro network.

What do they look like? 

Not much change from the outside, but once on-board, you’ll notice seats in the new trains are facing (like the women and children’s compartment, or some lines on the London Underground, if you’re a real train spotter). As well as making for maximum awkward eye contact opportunities, this also increases each carriage’s capacity from 643 to 696 riders.

Customised to serve People of Determination, the new trains also have handy light-up maps of the Metro’s route to keep us informed on the move.

The last new train chugs into town by the end of October this year.

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