Half blood moon eclipse predicted for Dubai next week

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Look to the skies – a lunar eclipse could be seen in Dubai.

lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind Earth and into its shadow, or umbra, making for a beautiful and intriguing show in the skies.

On 16th/17th July, a partial lunar eclipse lasting nearly three hours is predicted to take place and we should be able to see it from the UAE.

It’s the last lunar eclipse of 2019 and astronomers say at least 65 per cent of the moon could be in darkness during this astronomical event, throwing a striking shadow across the satellite that orbits our Earth.

Expected to start around 11.43pm on the 16th July, from midnight, you may see the moon start to turn red. This is due to the way light bends around the earth as it moves toward the Moon and why a lunar eclipse is often called a blood moon.

And our contacts in the Dubai Astronomy Group have assured us that it almost certainly isn’t celestial confirmation that the last Targaryen has been born.

Astronomers around the world will also be treated to the unusual sight, as the eclipse will be visible across most of the globe, including Europe, South America and Australia.

No half-blood squints

It’s not dangerous to look at the Moon while this happens, because it doesn’t give off its own lights. However if you’d like some expert guidance on what you’re looking at, Dubai Astronomy Group is holding a buffet and Moon viewing party on 16th July, from 10pm.

There’ll be a talk with a question and answer session, observing the eclipse through telescopes and, most importantly, food.

If celestial bodies spark your interest, then Dubai Astronomy Group CEO Hasan Al Hari wants you to know that the next big event for UAE sky watches is coming on 26th December – an annular solar eclipse. This dramatic happening sees the Sun’s centre covered by the Moon, making a “ring of fire” or annulus surround it.

Tuesday, 16th July. 10pm-3am. Al Thuraya Astronomy Center, Mushrif Park. Tickets AED 125 adults and AED 70 children from www.q-tickets.com

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