Driving tests in Dubai are getting an AI overhaul

driving test, rta, licence

If you’re working towards getting your driver’s licence in Dubai, you might now need to impress more than your examiner.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced a successful trial of a new ‘Smart Track’ system that will essentially upgrade the driving licence examination process, by the inclusion of future-tech elements.

That means you’ll soon need box-ticks from Artificial Intelligence (AI); advanced telematics; satellite GPS; 5G communications; smart panoramic 3D video recording systems; smart sensors and other futuristic bits of equipment before you’re road legal in Dubai.

driving test, rta, licence

Advanced technology solutions are being introduced to provide a back up to qualified examiners; to supply them with a higher quantity and accuracy of data on examinee’s driving proficiency. This ultimately should all but eliminate the possibility of human testing errors. We’re just a little sad we’ve already taken our test, always liked the idea of learning the ropes from a robot Stig.

Some say his CPU is made entirely out of old Amiga 500 parts

That’s a Top Gear reference, in case you’re wondering if we’ve lost our minds. But these new tech updates are genuinely hoped to be of huge benefit to those taking their test too; more data on performance – makes for a better analysis on which areas need improvement and hopefully less money spent on repeatedly taking tests. We know who you are, we’ve seen you on the roads.

The RTA announced that facial recognition software would also be a part of the Smart Track system. Massively reducing the possibility of ‘mistaken identity’ of divers and examiners.

We don’t have a final date for when all this being rolled out, but we will keep you updated on developments as they happen.


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