Track and pay your RTA traffic fines via WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the nation’s favourite methods of electronic communication, and soon you’ll even be able to keep a record of and pay for any traffic penalties that come your way.

It’s not all cringe family group chats and forwarded funny cat videos. 

According to figures obtained from Global Media Insight (GMI), there are around 7.88 million WhatsApp users in the UAE (representative of about 82 per cent of the population); that’s roughly the same as the number of Facebook users.

The enduring popularity of WhatsApp as an instant messaging service has meant that many businesses across the world have chosen to integrate it into their own communication platforms. One of our favourite local examples began back in 2017 when Dubai Municipality set up a rumour busting service via the Zuckerberg-owned outfit.

The Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) new WhatsApp facility, trailed by a video uploaded to their Twitter account, looks like it could bring a more user-friendly interactive element to their services.

We’re not sure if the new services will start and finish with traffic penalty tracking, we’d like to see this service rolled out to areas like vehicle relicensing and registration, where a live Q&A service could make things a lot easier. Especially when English and Arabic are not the first language for many users, who may not always feel confident communicating over the phone.

We at Dubai Week applaud these ‘smart’ updates to how companies operate, especially when they reflect trends in the wider tech culture.

What sort of functions would make life easier for you? Tell us in the Facebook comments.

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