Dubai Police’s warning to travellers at Dubai Airports


If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off on holiday this summer, Dubai Police have a message for you: don’t carry prohibited items.

Banned goods like lighters and knives are still being seized at airport checkpoints, especially over the busy summer months.

Police campaign ‘Let Your Travel Be Fun’ uses educational videos on social media and hands out pamphlets at the airports to make people aware of what they can and can’t travel with.

What’s on the naughty list for hand or carry-on luggage?

Sharp items such as scissors, nails, needles and knives. Common sense should tell you, this isn’t the Wild West; don’t carry a gun. Firearms are off-limits – as are hammers, drills, laser guns/pointers, walkie talkies, sports bats, screwdrivers and handcuffs. Why would you ever need these objects on a plane anyway? In-flight carpentry is not a thing. Gels and liquids over 100ml are also restricted.

Like to stay connected when you travel? Laptops, tablets and other items with big lithium batteries should be carried in hand luggage and not checked in.

What travellers also need to know:

  • Cash above AED 100,000 must be declared
  • You can carry up to 400 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 500 grams of tobacco
  • Maximum three-months supply of personal medication, which must include an original prescription from your doctor.
  • All medications should be in the original packaging, and not expired. No psychotropic medicines are allowed without prior approval from the Ministry of Health

Don’t pack these at all:

  • Gambling paraphernalia
  • Ivory and rhinoceros horn.
  • Trammel (fishing net with three layers)
  • Forged or duplicate currency
  • Any printed material that contradicts Islamic teachings and/or decency, or that deliberately implies immorality or turmoil
  • Cooked and homemade foods
  • Radios, self-defence equipment, sharp-edged knives and swords
  • Weapons, ammunition and military equipment
  • Fireworks and explosives
  • Trees, plants and soil

Dubai Police’s Brigadier General Ibn Dylan explained that the campaign should speed up the time passengers spend moving through airport control, which sounds good to us.

If you are heading to the airport this summer, make sure you check out our guide on the most fun things to do whilst you’re there.

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