Meet Rashid, the AI concierge now helping out at Expo 2020

Rashid, Smart Dubai’s Artificially Intelligent (AI) advisor will be starting a new job as virtual assistant to visitors at Expo 2020.

For all those that have dreamed of a being looked after by a sassy robot butler, that day is here. Kind of. Rashid is operating on a negligible sass level, but he is super smart.

‘He’ is a computer programme created by Smart Dubai, that’s capable of intelligently searching multiple government and private databases to offer creative suggestions to a huge range of questions, residents and visitors to Dubai might have.

You can already find Rashid on Smart Dubai’s website. Click on the small circle in the bottom right hand corner to open the window and begin chatting.

You can ask Rashid about entertainment activities; consumer affairs; visas; banking; health; transport; drones; property; marriage; health and so much more.

And you can still come to Dubai Week for similar supplementary information, but with added sass.

This wealth of Dubai-focused wisdom makes the cybernetic customer services agent perfectly qualified to field the queries of visitors to what will undoubtedly be one of Dubai’s most popular ever tourist attractions, Expo 2020.

Individuals will be able to access Rashid through any web-enabled smart device. It will represent one of the quickest routes to finding out information about the Expo layout, hotel and flight bookings and a wealth of knowledge to help get the best out of time spent in Dubai.

The Expo 2020 site recently invited residents on special preview tours, but proved to be intensely popular and were booked up almost instantly. However you can still register your contact details to be notified if more spaces become available.



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