Still time to bid on The Dubai Mall dinosaur that’s is up for auction

Dinosaur The Dubai Mall

Make no bones about it – this dinosaur skeleton isn’t going to fit into everyone’s apartment.

The 24.4 metres long and 7.6 metres high Diplodocus longus fossil has attracted visitors to The Dubai Mall’s Gold Souk for five years.

Now the long-necked herbivore is on sale for AED 14.6 million – that’s enough to buy a lot of vegan burgers.

Discovered in 2008 at the Dana Quarry in the US state of Wyoming, nearly 90 per cent of the fossil’s bones are original.

Dubai Dino is from the late Jurassic period, and like the movie series of the same name, its life was pretty eventful – injuries to its tail are thought to be from doing battle with another giant reptile or being chomped on by a predator.

We can only imagine the size of whatever picked a fight with this huge 155-million-year-old beast, which weighed the same as five elephants.

FYI, if you’re thinking of putting a bid in, five per cent VAT will be added to the final price by auction organisers Emirates Auction. Perhaps mindful of an influx of expats returning to the UAE for September, the auction has now been extended to 8th September – get your offers in!

It’s not the first time dino bones have gone under the hammer in Dubai – in 2015 auction site Dubizzle hosted an advert for Einstein, the 150 million-year-old brontosaurus skeleton.

The Thunder Lizard was previously on display at Abu Dhabi Airport in 2008, weighed a hefty 4.5 tonnes and came with a certificate of authenticity from the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

The auction ends on 8th September. Make your bid at

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