Where to donate your shoes to help people in need

Clarks have launched a back-to-school shoe drive in collaboration with Soles4Souls, an organisation that aims to alleviate world poverty.

Timed to coincide with the back-to-school period, when parents might be refreshing their kids’ footwear, new or ‘gentle-worn’ shoes are being collected at Clarks The Dubai Mall outlet.

Between now and the 15th September, the donated items will support Soles4Souls’ charitable activities in Haiti, Honduras and other developing nations, where it works to create sustainable jobs and distributing clothes and shoes.

Donated allow children to walk to school, adults to work, or seek food and water where there is no transport available.

Soles4Souls also works with communities to establish sustainable micro-enterprises, so people can lift themselves out of poverty.

Most of us are fortunate enough that we’ll never have to experience the kind of extreme poverty that exists in much of the world; an existence where distress from the bleak absence of opportunity is dulled only by the daily struggle for survival.

They say to understand someone, you need to walk a mile in their shoes. But if you want to help them, maybe let them walk a while in yours.

To find out more about how the program works visit soles4souls.org. Get down to Clarks with your new and ‘gentle-worn’ shoes before the 14th September.


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