Discounts on fines for more than 400,000 drivers

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Dubai’s Police’s scheme to discount fines has paid off for more than 400,000 drivers.

Motorists who kept a clean sheet saw their previous charges reduced by up to 50 per cent, thanks to the scheme launched in February 2019.

The initiative offers discounts of up to 100 per cent for drivers with fine who do not commit any further traffic violations for a whole year.

So far 425,371 drivers have benefited. Dubai Police said the discount is being offered to reduce the financial burden on motorists and also encourage them to adhere to regulations on the roads.

Colonel Juma Salim bin Suwaidan, acting director of Dubai Traffic Police, said injuries and deaths on Dubai’s highways fell in the six months since the incentive was introduced.

Serious accidents dropped by 14 per cent and there was a two per cent fall in the number of fines registered.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Drivers who do not commit any traffic violations for three months get 25 per cent on the total accumulated existing fines.
  • Those who do not commit any traffic violations for six months get 50 per cent off
  • Don’t commit any traffic violations for nine months for a 75 per cent reduction
  • Motorists whose record stays clean for 12 months earn a 100 per cent reduction

Dubai Police chief, major general Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, says:“Individuals can go to registration centres and decide whether or not to pay traffic fines immediately. Individuals can choose the amount of fines they want to clear.” That should give us enough time to save the cash!


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