Starbucks worker hands in bag containing AED 700,000

This honest barista discovered and returned a lost bag containing AED 195,000 in cash and over AED 500,000 in cheques.

AED 195,000 equates to a considerable few salary slips for most of us, and could certainly purchase more than a couple of mocha choco lattes. So accidentally losing a cheddar-stack that size, would have been disastrous.

Fortunately this particular lost bag, which also contained important private documents; a cheque book; and two cheques with sums totalling AED 506,250 – was discovered in Starbucks cafe at the Dubai Mall by an honest employee.

The worker, a national of The Philippines, was honoured by Dubai Police for her integrity in working with the police. The ceremony took place at cafe where she worked, surrounded by her colleagues.

Colonel Rashid Mohammed Saleh Al-Shehhi, Acting Director of Bur Dubai Police Station in Dubai said honor comes within the “we reach you to thank you” initiative, which aims to honor every-day-heroes in their workplace.

Who keeps leaving these massive bags of cash around the place? Perhaps it would be worth taking a leaf out of Starbuck’s book and start writing your name on possessions.

To all the people, who act virtuously, ignoring temptation for dishonest gross personal gain, we salute you.

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