The famed orange sofa from Friends will be here for you

As part of the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the hugely popular TV series Friends, 30 replica Central Perk sofas will be set up in locations around the world.

Central Perk’s orange sofa has seen some big moments over NBC sitcom Friends’ 10 series. Like ‘the one where…’ Ross and Chandler stand-up against a group of bullies trying to muscle in on their prized perch.

It was there in the final frame of the opening credits; it was there when Rachael quit waitressing, for Phoebe’s first performance of Smelly Cat, Ross’ unagi moment and for the famous flashback episode which is the closest we’ll probably ever get to an origin story.

It’s for these reasons the couch has been cloned and sent off on a series of ambassadorial missions around the world. Dubai’s own Burj Khalifa has been chosen as one of the special international landmarks to host the famous frill-fringed couch.

This week fans can see the famous Central Perk Café set near the mall’s Waterfall Atrium before it moves to the fountain’s floating deck from 22nd September.

It doesn’t matter if your job’s a joke, you’re broke, or your love life is D.O.A. Dubai does already have its own Friends-themed cafe. And it’s there for you.

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