Emirates to use biometric boarding, speeding up preflight checks to US

EMIRATES US BOADRING, biometric boarding

We all love holidays, but those immigration procedures can drag can’t they? Especially on flights to the USA. Thankfully Emirates’ new biometric boarding procedure could speed up one part of it.

Emirates has become the first airline outside of the United States of America (USA) to get approval from the American Customs Border Protection (CBP) to operate biometric boarding for US destinations.

Emirates offers flights to 12 US cities and very soon those standing in line to hop the pond and head State-wards will be able to choose biometric boarding for their departure gate checks. These identity inspections take less than two seconds to complete and Emirates has confirmed it does not store any of the data, it’s all handled directly by the CBP.

You can choose to opt-out of the new tech checks, but when trialled on Los Angeles and New York flights earlier this summer, some departures had 100 per cent biometric boarded passengers.

How does it work?

The system replicates the same checks immigration officials would usually do. A camera scans the face of passengers and then checks data points against the CBP’s gallery, verifying that the person travelling matches the visa and passport they’re travelling on.

It might not work for everyone. Those that haven’t visited the US in a while, or are travelling there for the first time, may not have their photos in the CBP gallery. These passengers can still be processed by the manual check desks.

This is great news for Emirate’s passengers to New York; Newark; Boston; Chicago; Dallas; Houston; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Seattle; Washington; D.C.; Orlando; and Fort Lauderdale. Doubly e-xciting for residents, as we’re already able to use our Emirates ID cards on Terminal 3’s smart gates.

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