RTA unveils virtual nol card at GITEX Tech Week

Nol card virtual

You know how you use your phone to Apple or Samsung Pay for everything? By next year you’ll be doing exactly the same with your nol card transactions.

Yes the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is getting in on the Near-field communication (NFC) action, the super convenient tech that allows you to pay for stuff with a simple tap of your smartphone or watch.

Unveiled at this year’s GITEX Tech Week, the new virtual nol card will be compatible with remote credit card top-ups, and free up a little premium real estate in your real-world purses and wallets.

Other benefits include – never accidentally forgetting your nol card in the pocket of another pair of trousers, and having to queue to buy a new one. Also, whilst we’re on the subject of queueing, you’ll be able to skip those brutal Sunday morning top-up lines – by adding credit to your virtual card, online, in advance. Though that does also mean you will have to come up with a new excuse for why you’re strolling in at 9:30.

Mohammed Al Khayat, Director of Automated Fare Collection at the authority said “the RTA is planning to roll out the virtual nol card in the third quarter of 2020. Later on, all the existing nol card functions will be added to the virtual card.”

This news comes just after the RTA made another contactless announcement last week. The collaboration with Mastercard will also allow tap-to-travel ticketing.




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