No charges for Abu Dhabi toll gates until 2020

Good news for those heading to the capital over the next couple of months, there will be no charges for using the Abu Dhabi toll gate system when it opens 15th October, according to the Department of Transport (DOT).

The DOT is rolling out a trial period until 1st January 2020, after which time charges will come into effect.

The move will give people more time to “explore alternative transport alternatives,” the DOT said in a statement.

Previously, our sister publication Abu Dhabi World magazine reported that motorists need to register their vehicles prior to the opening of the toll gates on 15th October or face a hefty fine.

The information was also tweeted by the Abu Dhabi Media Office with this explanatory image: 

It is not clear if motorists will now have more time to register during the trial period without being penalised.

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