WATCH: Behind-the-scenes at Dubai Expo 2020

With 52 weeks before Expo 2020 Dubai officially opens, Dubai Week takes a mini-tour of the site to see how things are shaping up…

The entire site covers 438 hectares or 4,380,000 sq m (it’s huge) and is located in the south district of Dubai near Al Maktoum International Airport.

While most elements are still heavily under construction, some of the main buildings along with their distinct features are already visible.

The pathways along the Sustainability Pavilion are designed with rows of trees and towering design structures fitted with lights.

Al Wasl Plaza dome is expected to become one of Dubai’s iconic landmarks. It will feature a 360° projection surface viewable from inside and outside. When completed, the megastructure will house restaurants, an indoor park and fountains. It will be used as a venue for future events after Expo 2020.

The UAE Pavilion wows with its elaborate falcon-like design. It is designed with layers that look like wings and flaps to resemble a falcon in flight. The pavilion will feature various elements that tell the UAE’s history and traditions for guests to experience.

Dubai Expo 2020 will take place from 20th October, 2020 to 10th April, 2021 under the theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’.

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