A first look at Dubai’s own Monopoly board

We’re beating our community chests with excitement – as Dubai becomes the first Middle Eastern city to get its own version of Monopoly.

The Dubai-based version of the boardgame will include many of our favourite landmarks and addresses. You’ll be able to erect your own hotels in the shadow of the Burj Al Arab, or ask your closest friends and relatives to remortgage properties Downtown as you take your top hat to Global Village.

Also featured are Dubai Metro, Madinat Jumeirah, La Mer, Atlantis the Palm, Skeikh Zayed Road, Xclusive Yachts (interestingly…), Al Fahidi and of course Free Parking. And not just on Fridays and public holidays.

You can roll the dice around the 2D Dubai from today, with the game available in toystores and online. We’ve spotted it on Amazon.ae for AED 199. In case anyone wants to send us a copy. *coughs loudly* Hasbro *more coughing*

It’s not the first time Dubai’s dabbled with boardgames, back in 2017 Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry launched ‘Dubai-Opoly.’ Let’s call it a tribute to Hasbro’s enduring and fully licensed favourite.

Mall of the Emirates has hosted several giant versions of the popular game – with prizes and give-aways including big spend vouchers.

Will you be buying a copy? It’s a festive family tradition in many households, and with Christmas just around the corner – the launch date feels seasonally appropriate.

And we’re not sure who needs to hear this but – taking ‘a little petty cash’ from the vaults when you’re the banker is not OK. It’s just a game, it’s not worth screaming profanity into your crying sibling’s face for. If you’re playing with us, we’re using the dog token – end of discussion, no exceptions.

Yalla, enjoy *rolls a six, gets a chance card, ‘go directly to jail,’ flips table, we out*

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