Carrefour to ditch all single-use plastic by 2025

Majid al Futtaim made a live public pledge to phase out all single-use plastic by 2025.

The Majid Al Futtaim (MAF) portfolio encompasses a wide range of pretty massive retail brands, including Carrefour, VOX Cinemas, and multiple hotels and malls.

That includes plastic bags, straws, voluminous packaging, cutlery and other miscellaneous paraphernalia. Removing the single-use plastic Carrefour grocery bags from circulation alone is expected to save a minimum of two million kilograms of plastic waste.

Like much of the other lyrical testimony in Aqua’s hit 90s song Barbie Girl, the claim ‘life in plastic, it’s fantastic’ – is demonstrably false. It’s contributing to vast mountains of resilient waste, it’s cluttering up our oceans and slaying marine life on an industrial level.

To help incentivise us further. Because we are a stubborn species. MAF was offering those purchasing ‘bags for life’ – the value back in loyalty points for their new reward scheme ‘share.’

There’s also a recycling machine at Carrefour, Mall of the Emirates – that turns used plastic bottles into nol card credit, to ride the metro and pay for other items.

Of course we can always look to do more to support the environment, but we must congratulate brands that make these bold, meaningful and unobligated steps forward. Your move Spinneys, Waitrose, Al Maya, Lulu, Chothrams, Zoom etc.

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