Dubai named world’s second best city to drive in

Dubai has been ranked as the world’s second-best city for drivers, narrowly losing out to Calgary in Canada who nabbed the top spot.

That’s according to a survey recently carried out by Mister-Auto, the European automotive website.

The study analysed 15 different criteria to form the basis of the rankings. Aspects of the driving experience taken into consideration include things like, the quality of the road infrastructure, congestion, air quality, road rage incidents, deaths on the road, petrol prices, parking costs and road tax.

A breakdown of the judging criteria

We know what you’re thinking. Yep. Time to start practicing for the 2020 survey. Shhh. That’s exactly what you were thinking.

Dubai did top the table for the lowest car age (obviously) and scored highly in areas like petrol cost, road quality and road rage. They scored less well for air quality and accidents.

There are some beautiful driving experiences to be had in Dubai. We love spotting camels on the dune dissecting run to Al Qudra; the boho cafe’s and glimpses of surf snatched along beach road; and the canyon of towers created by Downtown’s skyline on the business stretch of the Sheikh Zayed Road.

Teacher’s pet Calgary with a clean 100 *cough* cheeeeaters *cough*

Whilst we are grateful for the many reasons Dubai’s driving experience came out so close to the top – we still would like to see motorists paying more attention to areas like driver safety (particularly with respect to behaviour like ‘use of indicators’ and ‘not tailgating‘).

Then maybe we could be looking at a 100/100 score next year. Possibly a 101. Eat that Calgary Week (our fictional North American sister title).

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