Fast and felonious: Police impound 50 vehicles for drifting

Dubai Police have identified and captured 50 vehicles engaged in dangerous and illegal street racing.

The Fast and Furious movie franchise portrays a glamorous side to high-speed street racing and drifting. The reality is however, outside of Hollywood, this type of reckless activity – especially when carried out by amateurs – carries a serious risk of injury or death.

And it’s not just those taking part in races, it endangers the lives of other innocent motorists and pedestrians too. It doesn’t matter how good you think you are. There are variables beyond your control, Accidents happen. This isn’t the movies. You are not Vin Diesel. If the credits roll after a high-speed impact, you don’t get a sequel.

Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, Director of the General Department of Traffic at Dubai Police said “some motorists are ignorant of the deadly consequences of drifting and racing in unauthorized places.”

“Traffic Patrols are instructed to take a zero-tolerance approach to high-speed drivers taking part in illegal street races.

It was one of these police traffic patrols spotted a group of vehicles taking part in unauthorised drifting on public roads.

Drifting is a driving technique where a driver deliberately oversteers around a curve, causing the rear end of the vehicle to slip out and the wheels to align in an opposite lock (counter to the direction of the turn) formation.

It’s a track sport that first emerged from Japan in the 70s, but only really began to grow substantially in popularity through the 1990s after featuring in manga, film and TV series.

The offending vehicles in Dubai, were immediately seized in accordance with decree No. (29) of 2015 – on the Impoundment of Vehicles in the Emirate of Dubai. This measure gives police the authority to issue a fine of AED 12,000, 23 black points and to impound the relevant vehicle for a period of 60 days.

Attempting to evade the police will earn you a further fine of AED 10,000, 12 black points and another 30 days of impound.

If you’re determined to test your credentials as Dubai’s answer to Hobbs or Shaw why not take your car to one of Dubai Autodrome’s track days. It’s a much safer environment for racing, it’s legal, cheaper when compared to the fines for dangerous driving and you’re highly unlikely to take other people’s lives as a result of your own indulgences.

Stay safe please Dubai.

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