Video calling app ToTok has now been removed from app stores

No subscription fee, no in-app charges, no VPN – ToTok was a straight-up, completely legit, free video and voice calling service that up until recently was available here in the UAE.

The game-changing VOIP service appears to have been removed from Android and Apple app stores and it reports to offer HD quality video calling.

For the moment – those who have the service still seem to be able to use it with existing contacts. But users have reported issues trying to add new contacts.

We have been trying to authenticate reports that this is a global outage. And if you permit us a moment of pure speculation – following the exceptionally quick proliferation in popularity, it could simply be an IT issue that’s cased the disappearance – an over-capacity server issue perhaps.

We’ve reached out to ToTok for some clarity on the reasons for and the scope of the issue. And until we receive a verifying announcement from them, all we can offer is conjecture and rumour.

The developer’s head office address is in Singapore, and their support team has a .ai email domain. Which is Anguilla. Which we admit, raises the eyebrows – but it’s currently had over five million downloads from the Google Play store alone.

On the app stores it was described as “a FREE, fast, and secure calling and messaging app. ToTok provides FREE voice and video calling, enabling you to communicate with your family and friends anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection (Wi-Fi/4G/3G/EDGE as available).”

Sadly we have no further information on the reason for the removal of the app, or whether it’s a permanent absence, local or global. More news as we get it.


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