Salik registration goes paperless

In line with Dubai Government’s to foster the use of e-services, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has discontinued the physical Salik registration forms, and now registration and activation of Salik tags will be done online either through or the app Smart Salik.

The process is very simple. A customer needs to buy a Salik tag through an authorised dealer, or through the website or app, then enter simple details including Salik tag number, traffic file, mobile phone number and other details to complete the registration process.

The customer will be notified once RTA activates the tag.

Image Credit: RTA

Besides registration of Salik tag, RTA’s e-service package also includes other services such as buying Salik tag online, recharging Salik account, adding a new vehicle, updating Salik details, applying for the exemption from Salik toll via e-mail, objection to Salik violations, requesting monthly Salik statement, and removing a vehicle from Salik account among others.


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