Tanveer Ahmed – a gateway to an acting and filmmaking career in the UAE

Creatives Bites, acting classes, Tanveer Ahmed

If you are an aspiring actor or filmmaker wanting to learn your craft in a professional way, the best place for you in the UAE is Creative Bites.

Tanveer Ahmed, director and founder of Creative Bites, is well-known in the UAE for his short courses in acting and filmmaking for beginners. These courses, which take place in Dubai, are methodically designed and focus on preparing aspiring actors and filmmakers for professional assignments.

Many of Tanveer’s students are now successfully performing in ads, television and feature films; Creative Bites has become the first choice amongst anyone in the country seeking a break in the media field.

“Having just natural talent or passion is not enough in today’s competitive world; it’s important to learn acting professionally to get roles in ads or feature film projects,” says Tanveer.

Tanveer has won several awards internationally for his work in theatres, radio programmes, short films etc. Nominated ‘Top six UAE Filmmaker’ by HUMTV network, ‘Top 12 Foreign Filmmaker’ by MIFF International and awarded ‘Best Film – Popular Choice’ by Zee TV, many of his films have screened in the UAE’s national theatre in Abu Dhabi and VOX Cinemas.

“Like any other profession, to enter the world of acting one has to learn it professionally, practice scenes and emotions in front of camera; only then directors and casting agents will take you seriously,” adds Tanveer.

Creatives Bites, acting classes, Tanveer Ahmed

After course completion, all students receive a certificate and a professionally edited showreel with scenes performed during training sessions. Actors can share their showreel with casting agents and directors when going for auditions and assignments.

Creative Bites’ student, Peter Mamdouh, was recently cast in four social media ads for an airline ticketing company. “It was a great experience learning acting from Tanveer. Performing different scenes in front of the camera, using varied emotions and techniques, helped me to professionally hone my acting skills and get acting assignments,” he said.

People from different nationalities, professions, age groups (from 12 upwards) and backgrounds are enrolling for Creative Bites’ courses.

Acting courses at Creative Bites enable students to acquire the acting techniques of Stanislavski, Stella Adler and Sanford Meisner schools of acting. Actors get to shoot several scenes in front of the camera in a professional setup, a kind of gateway to entering the real world of acting.

Creatives Bites, acting classes, Tanveer Ahmed

Maryam Falah Zadeh, student of three-month film acting course, has already shot for two ads. She says: “It’s really fun and de-stressing with Tanveer’s training sessions; they primarily consist of practical exercises and shoots. My performances have steadily improved and become more believable.”

What’s next for Tanveer Ahmed? He’s set to launch a feature film project and an advertising division under the Creative Bites banner. He strongly believes that the UAE has an amazing talent pool springing from 200 different countries, which needs to be professionally developed, as the country is on its way to becoming a media hub of excellence.

Register for the Creative Bites courses here or call 02 417 0475 one-month acting course www.creativebites.info/store; three-months acting course www.creativebites.info/actingprogram and filmmaking course www.creativebites.info/filmmaking

Follow Creative Bites on www.facebook.com/tanveersayed123/ and www.instagram.com/creativebites_tanveerahmed/

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