The famed Turkish breakfast is here and it’s in The Dubai Mall

There’s no need to go plane hopping to Istanbul to taste the very best in Turkish breakfast. Instead, Huqqa The Market right here in The Dubai Mall has just launched its Turkish breakfast menu and it’s served with a view to die for. 

Breakfast should never be hurried but rather savoured with friends and family. It should be a drawn-out affair, chilled and satisfying. There should, of course, be plenty of mouth-watering choices on the table.

Turkey is famed around the world for its overflowing and lavish breakfast tables. Think traditional Turkish pastries, homemade bread, hand-turned cheeses fresh from the village, fresh sujuk sausages and eggs, not to mention free-flowing, piping hot Turkish tea.

Over at Huqqa The Market in The Dubai Mall, they are doing just that. You can now enjoy offerings and even more that make up the very best Turkish breakfast right here in the city.

Not only will you be tucking into one of the world’s best breakfasts but you’ll also get a floor-to-ceiling view of one of Dubai’s major attractions, The Dubai Mall Fountains. It doesn’t get better than that, does it?

So what does the newly launched Huqqa The Market breakfast menu offer?

There’s a huge choice, which is great news, as this means you get to design your breakfast to your own taste. The menu delivers an array of smaller platters that can be paired together, depending on what you’re craving that day.

Choose from a variety of items such as Cig Börek (AED 33), a crispy Turkish cheese and meat filled pastry – an essential breakfast dish at any Turkish household.

Other highlights include the Pastirma Scramble on toast (AED 38), the luxurious Truffle Scramble Egg served in the middle of a Simit, an Aegean Bruschetta (AED 43) made with fresh avocado tomatoes and a unique Cyprus Kofta Sandwich (AED 37).

The old favourites are there like Sujuk, a staple of any breakfast in Turkey. Choose from Pan Fried Sujuk (AED 35) or try the perfect combination of Eggs with Sujuk (AED 31), a must-try dish if you’re a protein-for-breakfast kind of person.

There is newly added international fare at Huqqa The Market too. Choose from French toast, healthy Acai bowls (AED 68), Chia pudding (AED 64) and range of Eggs Benedict like the Steak Benedict (AED 49) and Avocado Benedict (AED 44).

If you’re looking to go big, then this is the one to choose. The Serpeme Kahvalti (breakfast spread) fixed menu is one mighty spread. The generous offering means you’ll definitely need to bring along that friend or family member with you.

 Did we tell you about the tea, or Çay to be exact? 

There’s no Turkish breakfast with out piping hot Çay. It’s simply unheard of in turkey, where the famous Turkish saying ‘Conversations without tea are like a night sky without the moon’ is strictly adhered to.

You’ll be glad to know that Huqqa The Market imports its tea from the Turkish city of Rize, an area known as the jewel of the black sea. The tea from there has become a healthy and refreshing core element of the Turkish breakfast ritual at Huqqa The Market.

Huqqa The Market, The Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue, downtown Dubai. Breakfast dishes start from AED 12, full Turkish breakfast spread is AED 184 for two. Weekday breakfast is served from 10am to 1pm and from 10am to 3pm at weekends. 

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