How HH Sheikh Mohammed changed a young boy’s life

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed, the ruler of the city we call home, is an inspiration to all of us – but to Saif, a young Emirati schoolboy, he is so much more than that.

Saif Yousef Musharakh is a 15-year old boy, a high-achieving student with a passion for writing. As he began reading HH Sheikh Mohammed’s book ‘My Vision’, he had no clue that this book was going to change his life…


Saif Yousef Musharakh

“My Vision is the most successful and educational book I have come across,” Saif tells

“One of the most interesting sayings I read of HH (Sheikh Mohammed) is “To take risks and fail is not a failure. Real failure is to fear taking any risk” – this covers an important issue that is common between us teenagers; which is hesitating to do something because we fear the outcome.”

This quote not only inspired Saif, but also helped him overcome his fears and produce effective work.

HH Sheikh Mohammed’s book opened up Saif’s eyes to a world of opportunities, and in turn, Saif wants to inspire others to follow in his steps.


“I usually use my writing as a way to spread my wisdom and inspire people at school,” explains Saif.  “Once I show them that I, a simple teenager, have the ability to accomplish anything with my will power, then they (other teenagers) will acknowledge the fact that they are capable of anything.”

Here is a touching article that Saif wrote, about how HH Sheikh Mohammed changed his life:

Turning Mirrors to Windows

Who knew that a pen in one hand and a book in the other would open doors to colossal opportunities and an adequate future? This is my story, this is my address to all the teenagers out there, this is my legacy; one of which would be a lesson to my descendants and a pride carried by my country.

Honestly, being a simple 15 year old Emirati has never been an obstacle or a barrier between me and what I aspire to be. As a matter of fact, it has given me the chance to prove myself worthy.

Why am I so proud? What have I achieved in my life so far? Who motivated me most? I’ve grown up in a rapidly-evolving country, where presidents do not exist, rather, teachers do. And after reading his prodigious books and abiding by his wisdom, Vice President, Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has been the greatest motivator to me.

Not only did he give me a gamut of opportunities to be creative and productive, he turned my once limited mirror to a window with a view of the world, I salute you and cherish you the most, sir. Second comes my family, specifically my loving and supportive mother.

This is being said to every mother who spends her whole life in full swing; trying her best to make us leaders of the future. Well mothers, there’s no doubt that you’ve done a wonderful job raising us. And as a return of gratitude, I’m now one of the highest achievers at school, withholding extensive knowledge of the English language when it comes to speaking, reading and writing – along with my efforts in completing my first novel this year, hopefully to become the next Emirati author.

So to every single one of you out there, do not allow your egotistic and pessimistic mind to manipulate you, understand that this life is a huge school, filled with experiences and lessons for us to learn from. Do not waste your time and the blessings you have on temporary happiness, but consume it wisely and appreciate it. And then you would be considered a winner (in the game of life).

My goal here is to set a good influence to all those teenagers lacking the will to praise their peculiarity. Our lives are now revolving around false apothegms set out by our blind minds, However, I want us all to begin by eliminating the minor disconsolate thoughts and beliefs that tie our hands and halt us. That’s why it’s always best to believe in yourself, work hard for what you want, never give up and hope for the best.

–  Saif Yousef Musharakh

An avid writer at heart, Saif’s first novel ‘Youthful Sins’ tells the story of a mentally disturbed orphan boy, who eagerly goes through great lengths to learn the causes of his tragic state. Well, we definitely can’t wait to read it!

“Writing and literacy had always been my passion, my escape from reality and most of all, my greatest pride,” says Saif, who may be joining the Emirates Lit Fest next month.

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