Dubai Week’s chill out mixtape

Dubai Week Mixtape

Here at Dubai Week, we like to encourage a weekend chill out. This is our playlist of music to put you in the best possible frame of mind for starting next week on the right foot. Think we’ve missed any out? Let us know in the comment section on Facebook.


1. Artist: Massive Attack – Track: Protection

Why? Slow tempo, siren vocals, hypnotic percussion. Warm chocolate poured in to your ear drums.


2. Artist: Extreme, Track: More Than Words

Why? Lead singer Gary Cherone hits the meandering vocal notes so perfectly on this track, if you close your eyes, you can take a wander through clouds.


3. Artist: Bob Marley, Song: Redemption Song

Why? Marley is the undisputed king of chill. And although Redemption Song carries an important message, it’s one of his most stripped-bare studio recordings – and a fireside karaoke classic. For that reason, it’s in.


4. Artist: Temper Trap, Song: Sweet Disposition

Why? C’mon, don’ tell us you can’t feel those shivers going down your spine too right?


5. Artist: Christine and the Queens, Song: Tilted

Why? This song is a lullaby for the weary, soft French vocals, catchy hooks, etherial pipe sounds. Is it nap time yet?


6. Artist: The XX, Song: VCR

Why? It’s an indulgent musical trifle. You start with the deep baseline (vaguely reminiscent of David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’), it’s layered with a deliciously light xylophone loop, and topped off with warm custard vocals. Yum.


7. Artist: Stevie Wonder, Song: Superstition

Why? The laid-back funk of the guitar riff is good enough to win a slot in this mixtape on its own merit. But this is also Stevie Wonder at his most Stevie Wonder –  if you can keep your head, neck or toes from moving when listening to this song, you probably don’t have a pulse.


8. Artist: Buena Vista Social Club, Song: El Cuarto de Tula

Why? It’s a sound that bathes you in summer sun, the music of Cuban jazz band Buena Vista Social Club instantly transports you thousands of miles away. Whimsical holiday beats.


9. Artist: Rana Bansari, Song: Asabaka Ichkoun (D33pSoul Remix)

Why? This song is a work of art: with beautiful lyrics, Bansari’s soothing voice and it features an accompaniment of traditional instruments, rather than borrowing sounds from other genres.


10. Artist: Sam Cooke. Song: A Change is Gonna Come.

Why? I’m not crying, you’re crying. Just a beautiful song melodically and inspirationally, performed by one of history’s greatest singers.


11. Artist: Bedouin Sound Clash, Song: When The Night Feels My Song

Why? It’s a happy, positive tune, with a strong whimsical vibe. It’s borderline guaranteed to make you smile.



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