We know the perfect books to chill out with this summer

These fun reads are darlings internationally. Now to see what the fuss is about, with our rundown of essential books for the summer.

Words by Ipshita Sharma

Camps and workshops are all well and good, but there’s a certain kind of love only a book can give – they can keep you entertained, indulge your imagination and keep away that nasty cabin fever during the hot summer months.

Highlights of the publishing calendar the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, the London Book Fair and the Bologna Children’s Book Fair have helped the release of a feast of books and we have cherry-picked a few standouts. Check them out over the summer, relax and enjoy.

Books for adults

After the End by Clare Mackintosh – The British award-winning author has written some fantastic books after her debut with ‘I Let You Go.’ Everyday people whose lives are turned upside down are the players of her masterpieces that are part crime thrillers and part emotional dramas. This last book is a bit of a departure but will play with your heart just as much.

Three Women by Lisa Taddeo – This book reads like a feature report on the secret lives of these particular women. Maggie is a teenager trying to let go of an illicit relationship; Lina is a married homemaker trying to relive her high school highs, and aloof Sloane is trying to keep her husband happy any way she possibly can. This different piece of writing will thrill you.

Cami Mora by Thomas Harris – The writer of ‘Silence of the Lambs’ and ‘Hannibal’ is back doing what he does best, play with your brain. This horrific thriller is being touted as his comeback and dealing as it does with the refugee system, is going to make quite the talking point in the days ahead.

Becoming by Michelle Obama – Don’t write this off as just another political book. At its heart, this book is about a girl growing up in a small family with big dreams. It’s about the power of hard work and determination, whether it is about a black girl becoming an Ivy League Lawyer, about making a marriage survive conspiracies and hate or about bringing up confident young girls that people around the world look up to.

Bossed Up by Emilie Aries – This self-help book is more than just that – it is a non-preachy way to look at the world that is stacked against you. Aimed at young women entering the marketplace armed with impostor syndrome, dealing with manspreaders and incels, this book asks women to own their power and use it for good.

The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells – Doom and gloom are de rigueur for climate change battle criers but this is a conversation we need to have sooner rather than later. The damage humans have done to the earth is disastrous, but we need to stop or at least come to a realisation.

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Young adult books

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Cruel Prince series by Holly Black – This incredible trilogy is set in the land of the Faes and brings alive a world of fantasy that is tinged with cruelty in its truest form. When children are wrenched away from the world they know to live with their parents’ killer, will they ever learn to love and trust again?

Winter Night trilogy by Katherine Arden – The magic that started with ”The Bear and The Nightingale’ comes to its riveting conclusion this summer with ‘The Winter of the Witch.’ This book, interspersed with Russian folklore and magic, will have you feeling the chilly winds of the Tundra as the heroine takes centerstage and embraces her mistakes, shortcomings, and powers.

Sweet Sorrow by David Nicholls – This promises to be the book of books when it comes to a summer romance. Nicholls has given us some true romantic gems in ‘One Day’ (great book, terrible movie) and ‘Us’ and is an all-around lovely person and so this, his first teenage novel, comes with a lot of expectations.

Children’s books

new books, books, best books summer 2019

The Bear and the Piano and the Dog and the Fiddle by David Litchfield – The first book by this author about the Bear and his Piano did so well that the publishers created a sound book to go along with the text. This book promises to be just as beautiful and will take readers on a gorgeous journey to the land of music.

Yasmin in Charge by Saadia Faruqi – This is a collection of stories about a young girl taking care of some sticky situations both at home and in school. Well written, with a heroine who is more than a token brown girl, these stories will have you smiling.

Where the River Runs Gold by Sita Brahmachari – A dystopian adventure written for middle graders, this is the story of two children finding their way back to family through the very many horrors deprivation and starvation can bring into a world. A harrowing but very well written book.

All books are available at Amazon or Kinokuniya, The Dubai Mall.

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