K-Pop these Korean cosmetics on your face

We take you #BTS on the best Korean cosmetics available in Dubai. Whether you want dramatic BLACKPINKs or something for a one-off BIG BANG, we can help you look like an iKON.

*Disclaimer* We’re confident these puns are hilarious if you K-Pop

Words by Ipshita Sharma

If you’ve taken a heavily-choreographed dance step into any of the UAE’s malls recently, you’ve probably noticed the appearance of make-up stockists like Miniso, Mumuso and Yoyoso.

Their offerings are frequently adorable, deliberately cute and almost uniquely well put together. But, like-for-like, the price of their products are only a fraction of most other brands.

Surely there must be some sort of catch? Can they really be as good as other more ‘luxuriously-priced’ alternatives? We take a fascinating, lightning-quick road trip into the world of K-beauty, available in Dubai now.


Snail products

There’s no wordplay, abbreviation or acronym at work here. Mumuso creates creams, toners and cleansers that are made from mucin, which is **shudders** snail slime. It sounds like the ultimate troll, but having tested the range extensively, we can confirm it works… really well. Get that mollusk juice on your mush. Prices from AED 15 to 35.

Aloe vera products

Just like butter is the mother ingredient to many of the classic French sauces, this spiky little plant is a parent constituent of many J and K beauty products. And with good reason. This ingenious ingredient has countless rejuvenating benefits ascribed to it, but we found it got the best results when used in cleansers. Gentle, soothing, these cleansers are perfect for makeup removal, even if your skin is super sensitive. Prices from AED 15 to 35.

BB/CC Cushions

Both Miniso and Mumso have some fantastic BB and CC creams which come with a sponge cushion. One limitation is that the shade range only goes from one to three so unfortunately, it’s not going to be appropriate for darker skins. Those with olive and light brown complexion tones will be able to use them happily. Prices from AED 27 to 45.

Face/ Hand/ Feet / Hair masks

A staple of Korean and Japanese beauty, the best of these masks have pomegranate for brightening, tea tree for clear skin, and ginseng for vitality. We can’t believe we’re about to say this but, masks with snail slime are also really helpful when used before bed after a cleansing routine. Prices from AED 5 to 15.

Face powders 

This summer, Mumuso’s oil control pressed powder was a surprise winner. While it doesn’t have many shades, it succeded in the Avengers-level task of keeping our skin looking fresh throughout the months of July and August in Dubai, at prices much lower than the other competitors. Prices from AED 21 to 52.

Electronic face cleansers and brushers

Miniso has a range of face brushes and cleansers that do the job as good as the big-name brands out there. These electronic cleansers and brushes are magic for the skin and are a must-try! Prices from AED 35 to 87.

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