We be jammin’ with some unusual signature spa treatments

JAM Beauty Lounge in Garhoud is a bright and vibrant spa, decked out with refreshing colours. But does it leave our soul, and for that matter our skin, feeling just as revitalised?

JAM - Photoshoot - 10 - October - 07 (12)

After a long working week at DubaiWeek.ae keeping the lovely folk of Dubai up to date with everything going on in this great city, a trip to the JAM Beauty Lounge was a welcome escape.

The lovely and welcoming ladies at JAM Beauty Lounge, coupled with the tranquil but colourful Hindu-inspired ambience, mean an instant sense of peace descended over us before the treatments had even started.

First up was the Moroccan bath, a traditional cleansing ritual to clean and remove dead skin. Relaxation mindset – now fully engaged.

So far, so usual, but here is where it gets a bit, well… paleo.

We’ve all heard that a protein rich diet (caveman anyone?) is good for healthy and active people. But a protein bath. What’s that?

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Well, it’s an environmentally-friendly treatment made from a secret concoction and specially crafted by the JAM Beauty Lounge founder to nourish dry skin. And that it did, leaving our skin feeling anything but dry. In fact, we felt silky soft and certainly well-hydrated.

To polish off the pampering; a 100 per cent organic Ayurveda hair treatment. This kicked off with a cleansing oil, followed by an Ayurveda oil treatment (also founder devised) and finishing with a reviving hair mask, a wash and a blow dry.

JAM - Photoshoot - 10 - October - 07 (20)

Really getting into the spirit, we were advised to take advantage of the Hindu full moon, Purnima, to get a trim – apparently cutting your hair after a full moon, ensures it grows longer. So fingers crossed for some extra luscious locks then!


Need to know:

What: JAM Beauty Lounge

Where: Garhoud, Dubai

When: Sat – Thurs 10am-9 pm.

Cost: Moroccan Bath: 1hr/AEd 150; Protein Bath: 1.5hr/AED 185; Ayurveda: 30mins/AED 170; Blow-dry: AED 140

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