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This beauty treatment’s effects are out of this world

DMK facial Rebecca Treston

“You might feel your face pulsating,” we’re cheerfully warned, as we’re left to ‘relax’ in the treatment room. Let’s be clear, the DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial isn’t necessarily relaxing, but it is very effective.

Apparently the secret to smooth skin for celebrities like pop sibling Danni Minogue, it’s now available in Dubai at Rebecca Treston Aesthetics.

Ready for the science lesson? The enzyme facial created by beauty guru Danne Montague-King uses reverse osmosis to push blood into the face and décolletage, while getting rid of skin cling ons like dead proteins and general toxins. It also perks up facial muscles to leave the skin feeling firm and lifted. So, all of the benefits of more invasive treatments without any of the commitment. In fact, it’s so gentle that some clients have one a week, the therapist tells me.

We’re in the hands of Rebecca’s assistant Parastoo, who explains each stage thoroughly as we try to digest the science behind it all. Each treatment is customised to the client, so there’s no ‘one size fits all’.

Depending on skin type, three types of enzyme mask are applied – for our combo visage that’s white for tightening, green for toning and white again, this time for boosting the effects of the others.

Parastoo also massages in drops to focus on specific skin gripes that many of us living in a hot climate experience – open pores and sun damage. We’re warned a dusting of Vitamin C powder might make us sneeze, but we breeze through that and a warming peel that we’re told could make our skin tingle simply pinks our cheeks and fills the room with the delicious smell of cinammon.

However, the real test of commitment to beauty is the 45-minute enzyme mask. We’re warned it will tighten up on our skin and indeed our neck does indeed pulse, while our lips force into a pout that leaves us unable to chat. It’s not painful, but uncomfortable for the last 15 minutes.

DMK facial Rebecca Treston

Once it’s painstakingly removed, our neck is left with a distinctive mottled pattern, as freshly oxygenated blood is forced into the capillaries. That’s the plasmatic effect at work! Although we return to normal in less than 30 minutes, bits of the mask clinging to our skin and hair mean this is a beauty treatment best done when you can go straight home, preferably not by public transport.

Another round of Melanotech and Pore Reduction Drops are applied to counteract pigmentation caused by acne scars or sun damage and with a quick spritz of mineral mist, we’re ready to go.

After some mild flaking and a couple of breakouts, our skin settles down to reveal the super smooth fresh look initially promised. The process might be alien, but the effects are eventually out of this world.

DMK Enzyme Facial is available at Rebecca Treston Aesthetics in Euromed Clinic, Jumeirah Beach Road. AED 800 per session. Open 9am-9pm Tuesdays, 7pm daily, closed Fridays. 04 394 5422. 

Dubai Week was a guest of the salon.



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