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Spa review: The Healing Experience at The Spa, Address Dubai Marina

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The Address Dubai Marina cuts an imposing figure on the waterfront, its instantly recognisable open archway beckoning you towards it. Almost as if it can sense the tension in your shoulders.

But we’ve got a date with a two-hour massage. So we’re fully prepared to say adios to our aches and pains.

We arrive at the spa in good time, and are briefed by our charming host. The Healing Experience treatment we were about to receive advertises itself as a restorative journey where one may find balance, in body and mind. We guess two hours of pampering will do that to you.

The Ayurvedic (an ancient Indian healing practise) ritual blends therapeutic, aromatic herbs to calm and comfort the subject. The session begins with a welcoming foot scrub, then a full-body exfoliation, followed by massage with a purgative oil to release negative energy, which is then soaked up in a fragrant envelopment wrap and bath.


Arriving 20-30 minutes earlier than your allotted appointment time means you can make full use of the sauna and steam room before your treatment. A common theme amongst the decadently-finished surroundings, is that the features are often small but perfectly formed. Also, pro tip: the rainforest showers are a great way to finish off your pre-treatment relaxation.

The treatment room is extremely welcoming and the therapists keen to ensure the procedure is tailored to our specific preferences. They ask if we’d like the massage table warmed and if the room temperature was ok – an appreciated upgrade to the standard salon singular query “how much pressure?”

As gentle and relaxing as billed, the scrub is carried out in a soothing atmosphere; the air aromatic. Once appropriately scrubbed, we are wrapped in plastic and left to rest for 15 minutes like a blissed-out tuna roll while our therapist administers a delightfully tingly head massage while the wrap works its magic.


After a quick warm shower we are back on the table for round two, the full body massage with hot oil. The detail really impresses us here – roses are placed under the table, wafts of which we could smell faintly throughout the massage-induced haze. The therapist also asks us to inhale the aromatic oils on her hands before beginning, exemplifying the importance placed on each of the senses.


Finally we receive a very gentle mini-facial that gently rouses us back to reality. Laying on the table, beaming with after-glow, we felt completely serene and rejuvenated – a tall order for a first-time mom to a particularly adventurous 10 month-old.

We take full advantage of hospitality in the relaxation area – herbal teas, juice and an assortment of fruits –  and spend 45 minutes luxuriating before reluctantly dragging ourselves back to the real world.

Massage meme

Whether it’s a special occasion or a payday splurge – The Healing Experience at The Spa, Address Dubai Marina is one we should take advantage of at some point.

Dubai Week was a guest of the venue.

The Healing Experience is available from AED 720 (for 120 transcendent minutes). The Spa is open from 10am-10pm. Located on the 3rd floor, Address Dubai Marina. 04 436 7424.

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